Federal University of Health Sciences, Azare(FUHSA) {Knowledge for improved health care delivery}




Federal University of Health Sciences, Azare is situated in a traditional community with highly respected
Customs and Morals, hence the need to respect the principles of the host
community without impinging on each other’s right.  


Indecent dressing is among the contributory factors
to the epoch of social miscreants on campuses, including sexual harassment by
both staff and students; Sexual violence such as rape, other forms of assault,
and castigations.

For the drive of civility, building reputation and being
better ambassadors of our respective families and communities, FUHSA advocates
decent Dress Codes for its staff and students.

Therefore, as a rule of the thumb, male and female,
Staff and students MUST appear decently dressed in public during working hours,
classes, practical sessions and social events.  All shall appear decently dressed (impervious
not transparent), smart but not tight and shall cover from the neck down below
the knees with sleeves (short or long)


Students that are not decently dressed shall not be
allowed into classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, libraries and offices
of the University. Repeat-offenders shall be disciplined for misconduct.

Dress Code which must be respected:

1.   Suits, Skirts, trousers and gowns must be long enough to cover the knees. Shall be smart and loose, not tight

2.   Cotton materials are strongly recommended rather than jumping or clinging, and body-hugging materials.

3.   Clothing can be short sleeved or long sleeved but with shoulder strap which must be at least 5 cm.

4.   Clothing should cover and conceal body parts including stomach, back, shoulders, chest, legs to the knee or longer.

5.   Under-clothing, such as singlet must not be worn publicly

6.   Shorts and trousers should be worn at natural waistline (not sagging)

7.   Hijabs/jilbabs are allowed but no niqab in classes, laboratories

8.   Laboratory coat must be worn over hijabs/jilbabs for security/safety during practical/practicum


The following type of dresses/appearances violate the Dress Code:

i)  Sleeveless dresses and spaghetti sleeves that expose chest and shoulders

ii)  Clothes with weapons, cult or any gang-related illustrations and obscene captions

iii) Tight dresses and skirts that show body contours or with front and side slits that are revealing

iv)  Transparent or see-through dresses that expose sensitive parts of the body or inner wears

v) Unbuttoned shirts or low-neck dresses that reveal chests and other body parts

vi) Wearing heavy make-up and coloured eye glasses in the classrooms and laboratories

vii) Wearing tattered jeans with holes and sagging trousers,

viii) Sport wears must be worn strictly during sporting activities

ix) Wearing of Under-clothing, such as singlet publicly.

x) Wearing of ear rings by males and abnormal piercings by females.

xi)Plaiting or weaving of hair by males and wearing coloured wigs/weave-on by females and males


xii) Cross- dressing (wearing female clothes by males and male clothes by females)